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Enhance your communication experience with our Trio Antenna Pack, featuring the "Rubber-Duck", the High Gain 5dbi , and the "Lil. 433-MHz", each a standout in the realm of U band  antennas. These robust antennas are engineered for various communication needs, whether you're navigating through cityscapes or venturing into the wild.


Trio Antenna Pack Features:

  • Versatile Gain Options: With gains ranging from a solid 2.5dBi to a high 5.0dBi, amplify your signal according to your specific requirements, be it daily operations or long-distance challenges.

  • Reliable Interface: Each antenna comes with an SMA-J interface, ensuring a stable and secure connection to your device and maintaining the integrity of your signal.

  • Optimized SWR: All antennas feature an SWR of ≤1.5, promising minimal signal loss and maximum transmission efficiency, for clear and reliable communications.

  • Wide Frequency Coverage: These antennas cover a comprehensive frequency range from 400MHz up to 480MHz, perfect for a myriad of LoRa applications and versatile communication scenarios.

  • Standardized Resistance: With a resistance of 50Ω, compatibility with most 433MHz modules is assured, allowing for seamless integration.

  • Lightweight Design: Each antenna maintains a lightweight profile, around 8g±1g, adding minimal bulk to your device and ensuring comfortable long-term use.


Whether you require the enhanced height and gain of the High-Gain 5dbi for expansive outdoor use, the power of the "Rubber Duck" for intensive communication demands, or the compact and convenient "Lil. 433-MHz" for everyday efficiency, this pack offers the ultimate flexibility. Ideal for the communication aficionado or the professional on the go, this Trio Antenna Pack ensures you're always connected, with the right antenna for every situation. Elevate your gear with this comprehensive pack and never miss a transmission again.

Combo-pack 433 MHz Antennas

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