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Unveil the Flipper Zero Crystal Shell – your device's ultimate safeguard. Crafted with elegance and efficiency, this robust and thic shell elevates your Flipper Zero's aesthetics while offering unmatched protection.


Spotlight Features:

  • Tailor-Made: Sculpted with precision to embrace your Flipper Zero perfectly, it guarantees a tight fit without the extra heft.

  • Resilient Barrier: Forged from premium silicone, it buffers your device against impacts, shielding it from unforeseen drops and bumps with ease.

  • Secure Hold: Its anti-slip texture enhances your grip, minimizing chances of mishaps during use.

  • Unhindered Access: Meticulously designed, it grants effortless entry to all ports and buttons of your Flipper Zero.

  • Enduring Craftsmanship: The silicone build doesn't just offer protection; it's also resistant to wear and tear, promising extended durability.


Elevate your Flipper Zero's resilience with our silicone shield. Ideal for the daring hacker or the protective tech lover, this shell safeguards your gadget without compromising on functionality or flair.


Safeguard your asset and let your Flipper Zero shine in its finest form. Secure your silicone shell now and revel in the exquisite marriage of style and shield.

FlipperHub is dedicated to enriching your Flipper Zero journey. Explore our collection of accessories designed to unlock your device's full potential.

Crystal-Case - for the Flipper Zero

€14.90 Regular Price
€10.43Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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