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Introducing the "Highgain 2.4GHz" antenna – a towering figure in the wireless communications landscape, standing at an impressive 200mm. This robust antenna is crafted for high-performance applications, offering a substantial 5dBi gain that promises exceptional signal reception and transmission.


Features at a glance:

  • Extended Reach: With its notable 200mm height, the antenna is designed to significantly amplify your 2.4GHz wireless signal, perfect for devices that require an extended range.

  • High Frequency: Operating at the standard 2.4G frequency, this antenna is compatible with a vast array of broadband communication systems, making it a versatile choice for enhancing your connectivity.

  • Simple and Secure Interface: The SMA-J connector, featuring an inner screw thread and needle, ensures a stable and easy-to-establish connection with a multitude of devices, including routers, APs, radios, aircards, smart TVs, and more.

  • Optimal Resistance: Matching the common 50Ω impedance, it aligns seamlessly with a broad spectrum of 2.4GHz technology, ensuring efficient performance and compatibility.

  • Superior Gain: A 5dBi gain elevates this antenna above standard models, offering improved signal quality for your critical communication needs.

  • Consistent SWR: With a standing wave ratio of ≤1.5, it guarantees a more reliable and clearer signal, reducing interference and enhancing transmission quality.

Highgain 2.4GHz Antenna

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