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Introducing the "Lil. 433-MHz", a cutting-edge U band antenna designed for seamless communication. With its compact stature standing at 40mm, this antenna is equipped with a reliable SMA-J connector, featuring an inner screw thread and inner needle for secure attachment and optimal signal transmission.



Key Features at a Glance:

  • Gain: With a gain of 2.5dBi, this antenna amplifies signals to provide clearer and more reliable communication over distances.
  • Interface: The SMA-J interface ensures a stable and secure connection to your walkie talkie, enhancing signal integrity.
  • Standing Wave Ratio (SWR): With an SWR of ≤1.5, it minimizes signal loss and interference, ensuring efficient transmission and reception.
  • Frequency Range: Operating within the 400-470MHz band, this antenna covers a wide spectrum for versatile communication options.
  • Resistance: A standard 50Ω resistance offers compatibility with most 433 Mhz Modules, ensuring a broad range of use cases.
  • Weight: Lightweight at approximately 8g±1g, this antenna adds minimal bulk to your device, facilitating ease of mobility and use.

Lil 433-MHz Antenna

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