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For a fleeting moment, FlipperHub introduces the exclusive Purple Clear Case for your Flipper Zero. This limited-edition shell combines unparalleled protection with a unique splash of color, adding an iridescent purple hue to your device's ensemble.


Spotlight Features:

  • Tailor-Made: Sculpted with precision to embrace your Flipper Zero perfectly, it guarantees a tight fit without the extra heft.

  • Resilient Barrier: Forged from premium silicone, it buffers your device against impacts, shielding it from unforeseen drops and bumps with ease.

  • Secure Hold: Its anti-slip texture enhances your grip, minimizing chances of mishaps during use.

  • Unhindered Access: Meticulously designed, it grants effortless entry to all ports and buttons of your Flipper Zero.

  • Enduring Craftsmanship: The silicone build doesn't just offer protection; it's also resistant to wear and tear, promising extended durability.


Seize this rare opportunity to envelop your Flipper Zero in a case that not only safeguards but also stylishly accentuates with its purple clarity. This special edition case is your chance to distinguish your device with a blend of durability and a distinct aesthetic flair.


Remember, availability is restricted. Elevate your Flipper Zero with the Purple Clear Case from FlipperHub—where style meets protection in a limited-time offer. Don't miss out on this exceptional addition to your tech accessories. Secure yours today and let your Flipper Zero standout with its new, vibrant companion.

LTD- Case "FlipperHub" Purple

SKU: 0000043
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